Cumbuco beach Fortaleza


A bit further out of the central area of Fortaleza, you can find magnificent beaches, highly recommended for tourists. So, if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit the beach listed below.

Cumbuco beach Fortaleza – sand dunes and kitesurfing paradise

Located in a quiet village about 30 km from the centre of Fortaleza, in the municipality of Caucaia, Cumbuco beach Fortaleza stands out for its lagoons and its huge and beautiful dunes that can be seen along the coast.

Cumbuco Beach

Over time, this region has grown in terms of tourist infrastructure and it is now an ideal spot for visitors who want to ride a buggy (at low or high speed, you can choose), a quadbike, participate in water activities or just enjoy the beautiful view and the relaxing atmosphere.

From July to December, during the wind season, the area is full of kite surfers (mainly at Cauípe Lagoon), windsurfers and sailors. Even if you are an amateur or have no experience at any of these sports, you can still rent the necessary equipment and have private lessons at various points of the beach to enjoy this experience.

The sea has an incredible greenish shade, is warm, relaxing and very clean, similar to that of Praia do Futuro.

Most people choose to make a one-day round trip from Fortaleza and many travel agencies provide this transport service with comfort and safety. But you can also take this tour on your own by taking the bus service from the capital.

Cumbuco is, therefore, the perfect location for everyone: for those who love a relaxing atmosphere, for the extreme sports lovers, for those who want some fine dining, or those who just want to relax at nice beaches and beautiful lagoons – the breath-taking landscape is a bonus!

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How to go to Cumbuco Beach from Fortaleza:

Very easy to get there by Uber taxi service, the price is around 50-70 real or get a cheaper transfer by urban bus.