Accommodation cost in Fortaleza 

Where to stay in Fortaleza? If you have organized your trip to Fortaleza by yourself way, don’t worry, you can find various kind of accommodations in Fortaleza,  for all budgets and desired comforts.

What is the accommodation cost in Fortaleza? Hostels are the cheapest accommodations in Fortaleza for those who want to stay just a few days, but I personally do not recommend unless you are people who really know how to adapt to anything, or another option for sleeping at a good price are the pousadas of Fortaleza which are little pensions  managed directly by the owner, generally have few rooms and are from the simplest to the most enchanting with the average prices of 100-120 real per day.

The cheapest and most versatile way is to rent an apartment in case you intend to stay in Fortaleza for a minimum of one week. There are various apartments in Fortaleza, from the simplest to the most luxurious, the average price is around 25 euros per day for a two-room apartment of about 50 square meters with a double room, however the price may change according to the season.

The picture above shows a good detached house for rent in Cumbuco beach, consisting of: garden, kitchen, dining room, 3 suite rooms with private bathrooms, swimming pool, and barbecue area.
If you are single and you are looking for accommodation you must choose the right place, most hotels not allow to receive guests in your rooms, or they allow but with an extra daily price and will be an expensive extra for sure. So if you know the place no problem,  or you wil risk spending more than the expecting budget. If you are looking for a suitable apartment for rent in Fortaleza click here.
Staying in a hotel in Fortaleza is a bit more expensive, the price for a luxury hotel in Fortaleza can be more or less similar to that of a European stay, although the exchange rate with the Brazilian currency is very favorable.
That’s all about the accommodation cost in Fortaleza
The cheapest and most recommended stay for families who come on holiday in Fortaleza is definitely to rent an apartment or house.

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