Do you want to send money to Brazil free of charge and without risk?

To send the money to Brazil, I tried everything from banks to some money transfers, I was always looking for the best solution to save money as possible from these stealthy systems.

First of all you always remember that the money sent to Brazil must not exceed the value of 10 thousand Reais (sent in one operation) otherwise they will be blocked to Banco Central do Brasil for checks on anti-money laundering rules and will be not unlocked without documents proving the origin or the destination for valid reasons such as, for example, you are moving to live in Brazil, you want to help relatives etc .. If it will be not unlocked, will come back to your bank ok, but net of the bank expenses and commissions, so you must always keep an updated exchange before making trades. If I can give you some tips, stay away from bank transfers unless you are forced to make statements, I personally have had very bad experiences, so be careful!!

I discovered a new way to send money to Brazil without giving too much money to banks in commissions, exchange rates, conversion rates, intermediary banks and other expenses. This new app allows you to do everything from your pc or smartphone and is really cheap and fast.

Con Transferwise ho già provato a inviare soldi in Brasile diverse volte, tu puoi pagare in carta di debito, credito, bonifico ecc. e il sistema ti fa il trasferimento in maniera veloce e la somma viene depositata direttamente nel conto corrente in Brasile, fantastico!! Comunque io vi parlo di Brasile ma con questo sistema li potete inviare in tutto il mondo!

I have already tried to send money to Brazil by Transferwise several times, you can send money by debit or credit card, transfer etc. and the app makes the transfer quickly and the sum is deposited directly into the brasilian bank account in Brazil, fantastic !! Anyway, I’m talking about Brazil but with this app you can send money all over the world!

This app can be very convenient if you have to send money to Brazil as the deposit for booking houses, apartments, hotels, rental cars without stress. I recommend you to use i if you don’t like to give money to banks, and I tell you more, if you register through my invitation link “Transferwise Registration” you can make your first transfer up to 500 pounds with no commissions!!

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