Lagoinha Beach Brazil

Praia da Lagoinha – amazing landscapes

Located about 130km from Fortaleza, in the municipality of Paraipaba, it was named after several freshwater lagoons in the region. Its impressive landscape includes sand dunes, coconut trees and cliffs. It is possible to make a one-day round trip from Fortaleza, but you can also, obviously, spend a few more days and get to know better this paradise destination.

Logo ao chegar, é possível fazer um passeio de jardineira com guia por toda a cidade, a fim de conhecer parte do agreste cearense e alguns pontos turísticos.

You can also enjoy a catamaran (boat) ride that goes through the main lagoons of the area, being Almécegas Lagoon the highlight of the tour.

There is also the option of renting a buggy ride to travel along the coast and the sand dunes (at high or low speed – it’s up to you).

You can also rent a quadbike: the owners give some general guidance and it is up to the tourists to drive it for about 16km.

As for infrastructure, there are beach huts and restaurants with varied menu in its surroundings. The sea is always calm with few waves. It is the perfect spot to relax.

Lagoinha - Ceara

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