Canoa Quebrada beach

Located at 165 km from Fortaleza, its landscape is also formed by magnificent coconut trees, beaches and crystal-clear water lagoons, dunes and terracotta red sand cliffs – up to 30m above sea level. Many people choose to make a one-day round trip from Fortaleza, but it is a tight schedule (it is a 2 ½ hours trip each way). The ideal is to spend 2 full days in order to take part in all the activities available.

Canoa quebrada beach

Canoa used to be a rustic fishing village discovered by hippies in the 1970s. To this day it still retains its simplicity, but it currently provides good tourist structure to welcome and accommodate its visitors, with top-quality hotels.

Canoa Quebrada beach has stable and high temperatures all year round (average of 27°C – 30°C) and warm air currents, which makes it the perfect location for paragliding and kitesurfing, activities that are becoming more and more popular in the area.

You can also take capoeira lessons (an afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music) during your stay in Canoa if you want to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture. The sunset, seen from the top of the largest sand dune of Canoa is a outstanding.

Another fun fact about Canoa Quebrada is its logo, which became its trademark: a symbol with a moon and a star, engraved in various points of the sand cliffs.

If you decide to stay overnight in Canoa or choose to spend a few days there, you can also enjoy the buzzing local nightlife at the “Broadway Sidewalk” also called “Dragão do Mar Street”.

Canoa Quebrada’s Broadway sidewalk is the heart of local shopping and entertainment – it is the place where everyone hangs out at night. At the excellent restaurants of regional cuisine – some with live music – you can enjoy huge meals of lobster, shrimp, fish, meat and more. There are also several bars and handicraft shops in this area. And a fun fact: it is a pedestrian-only street, vehicles are not allowed. Therefore, it is great to go for a walk and hang out.

If you are into partying, Broadway’s sidewalk is the right place for you. At nightclubs, the buzz starts around 10:00pm and it is not over until the next morning. Get ready to dance to reggae, forró, axé (Brazilian genres) and dance music.

3 beaches in 1-day Tour” – Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada

As mentioned above, the ideal is to spend as much time as possible on each of the beaches we have listed, so that you can make the most of this experience. But, if this is not possible, you have the option of purchasing a travel pack called “3 beaches in 1-day Tour” – you can visit the beaches of Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada in one day, leaving from Fortaleza’s city centre. It is a good option for those who are on a tight schedule but don’t want to miss out on these wonderful beaches of Ceará.